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After obtaining his law degree at the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana, our law firm’s director Mirko Filipović began his career in law as a trainee at the law firm of Andrej Doles in Domžale. As part of his internship, he simultaneously carried out his internship practice at the court. During his law practice he has encountered and tackled a wide range of various legal challenges in the field of civil, commercial, administrative and insolvency law. He had received his first insight into the functioning and mentality of the legal system while performing his duties as a court intern. During this apprenticeship period, he also passed his examination for a trademarks and design representative at the Slovenian Intellectual Property Office, followed by the exam for administrator of insolvency proceedings. By gaining additional theoretical knowledge, Mr Filipović added considerable value to the law firm in the field of insolvency and intellectual property law.

Upon passing his bar examination, he was listed in the directory of candidate attorneys on 18. 4. 2013 and completed his candidacy at the Doles law firm by 2. 7. 2015, later founding his own law firm in Domžale. Due to an increase in business, he moved to Ljubljana with his co-workers where he still works today as the director and attorney at the Filipović Law Firm.



At the Filipović Law Firm we provide legal advice, legal representation and defence for our clients before courts and other state bodies, assemble documents and represent clients in various legal matters. In doing so, we place great emphasise on contemporary knowledge and quality, we maintain a personal approach and strive for long-term client satisfaction. We employ legal professionals from different areas of law, who are trained to tackle a wide range of legal challenges and establish close business relationships with our clients, which is how we ensure that our clients receive the best possible experience when dealing with their legal matters.

Our clients can contact us and arrange a meeting at our office by phone or e-mail. If you choose to contact us by e-mail, send a brief description of your problem to the email address: info@opf.si and do not forget to include your personal details (name, telephone number). You can also reach us on this telephone number +386 059 336 800. The process of solving the legal issue for which the client has sought our help is set into motion as soon as our clients come in for their first meeting.