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Practice areas

Administrative Law

Administrative law governs the relationships between various bodies or organisations that have public authority and other entities that do not possess such authority (natural or legal persons). Additionally, it also covers the organisation and functioning of public administration. It is the most common branch of law used in everyday life. Administrative law oversees relationships in which one party carries the authority or public authority (e.g. the State, a municipality…) and decides on the rights, obligations or benefits of a legal entity. Tasks such as issuing personal documents, citizenship acquisition, managing other rights, obtaining funds from public finances, obtaining construction permits, regulation of tax procedures and other activities are all subject to the provisions of administrative law. Our law firm represents our clients in administrative proceedings and administrative disputes, we assemble required documentation and written correspondence with the authorities. We resolve matters before the court of first instance and try to avoid unnecessary conflicts. Overall, additional explanations and advice regarding administrative law allows for a swifter legal process, which is in the benefit of our clients.