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Practice areas

Criminal Law

Criminal law affects the client on the most personal level, regardless of which side he or she finds him/herself, a defendant or as plaintiff. We offer our clients legal assistance across the entire filed of criminal law.

We represent or advocate clients in pre-trial proceedings pending before police authorities, in violation cases, criminal investigations and criminal proceedings pending before the courts and in proceedings related to the enforcement of criminal sanctions.

The defendant in criminal matters must have legal representation as soon as the detention order against him is filed and for the entire duration of their detention. The counsel of the defendant may only be a lawyer, who can only be replaced by a candidate attorney. Even family members of the accused (legal representatives, a spouse or person with whom the accused lives in an extramarital community, blood relative in a direct line, adoptive parent, adopted child, brother or sister) may hire a lawyer on the part of the defendant.

The injured party may file his/her claims and demand reparations during criminal proceedings. The victim in criminal proceedings may be represented by a lawyer or candidate attorney.

We examine legal affairs and perform risk assessment for legal entities in terms of criminal and misdemeanour law. We also oversee the operations of legal entities and review the compliance (legality) of operations and propose measures and improvements.