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Practice areas

Real Estate Law

It is one of the branches of substantive law and falls under the Law of Property Code and the Law on Land Registry (ZZK-1). The area of real estate is also governed by many regulations, which must be reviewed and abided whenever a potential purchase or sale of real estate is to be conducted.

For many individuals, purchasing real estate represents a big life investment and considerable care should be invested into buying or selling real estate. The very position and legal status of real estate can be found in a land register, yet data on buildings are also entered in a cadastral. Financial investment involved can tip the scale in a positive or negative way when deciding on a purchase.

The law firm offers the following services:

  • reviewing of the legal status of real estate (land registry, cadastral…)
  • legal advice and the composition of opinions,
  • drawing up contracts on purchasing or selling real estate,
  • land registration,
  • composition of agreements when defining condominiums