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Practice areas

Enforcement and Security

When a client acquires a certain right before the court, a notary, etc., the opposing party (debtor) has to fulfil it. If the debtor fails to fulfil his obligations, the creditor is entitled to recover the owed debt via the court system. The enforcement and security law allows the creditor to receive “repayment” for all his rights through enforcement proceedings. Our law firm ensures the recovery of unpaid receivables or other damage, except for paid claims. The law allows for the possibility to intervene directly into the debtor’s assets through a variety of legal institutions.

The law also ensures the protection of future rights, when it is apparent that a debtor had evaded payment. At this point, the law governs the most commonly used institutes, which are the temporary and preliminary injunction.

Our law firm offers all services related to enforcement and security, with emphasis on:

  • passing proposals for the execution of all your debtor’s assets,
  • protecting assets against further evasion of payment by the debtor,
  • representing clients in litigation proceedings initiated by enforcement,
  • defending against unreasonable enforcement and effectively protecting a client’s assets