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Practice areas

Obligations and Contract Law

Contract law is one of the oldest branches of law. It covers a wide range of legal fields that are governed by this area. Civil law in the strict sense of the word means a legal business relationship, which establishes the rights and obligations of legal and natural entities. The most common parties represented in law of obligations are the debtor and the creditor, who are committed to either giving something, to doing something, abandoning or allowing something to happen. Legal rules governed by the Code of Obligations lay down the general principles, rights and obligations of legal entities. Furthermore, rules also exist for how legal transactions are supposed to be conducted and consequently civil sanctions which follow if the rights and obligations are not fulfilled. Legal business, for most individuals this means a contract, relates to laying down out the rights and obligations of and between two parties. When drawing up a contract, it is important to define all essential elements that this contract has to include.

This branch of law also includes inheritance law, real estate law, labour law, etc.

Primarily, it is the obligation of the contracting parties to take into account the commitments made and to fulfil them as it is written. However, disputes which arise from these obligations are extremely varied and unpredictable.

The law firm offers the following services concerning the abovementioned area of law:

  • drawing up various types of contracts
  • legal advice and the composition of opinions,
  • composition of wills,
  • representing clients in probate proceedings,
  • representing clients in potential litigation proceedings,
  • conclusion of succession arrangements,
  • reviewing the legal status of real estate (land registry, cadastre…),
  • drawing up a contracts for the purchase or sale of real estate,
  • land registration,
  • composition of agreements on the establishment of condominiums
  • purchases of all types of property,
  • filing actions, proposals…